Tuesday, May 18, 2010


T0 my bel0ved n cute lil sis~

May the angels protect you..
May the sadness forget you..
May happiness B around you..
May ALLAH bless you forever..

My Best Wishes are for you

Nawal Athira bte Mohd Azhar..

today, tomorrow and foreveR!~

Happy 15th birthday!~ h0pe u will always be a pious muslim N get 8A's in ur PMR!!~I'll always pray 4 ur successful!~ i kn0w u can do it and i've faith on u... i luv u damn s0oo much!~emmmwahhh!~

p/s:suke x hadiah al0ng kc?


nawal :D said...

cantekk la along bagi pencilbox tuuu. semua kawan adik nak tau. rantai pun same.. lawa,wane pink.. and thnkyou for your wishh. i hope may all your wish come true. insyaallah..
as 4 the picture, adek memg lawa.. kihkih, tapi tgok la kakak dy sape// huhu, and most important of all, mak dia sapa..kan hahaha!

**luRv3AnN3** said...

yeke nawl...glad 2 hear dat u like it..=)

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