Monday, May 31, 2010

20 signs When a guy loves you..

1) The guy who loves you, can't tell you the reason
why he loves you. He, himself knows that, in his
eyes, you are the only one.--agak btul

2) The guy who loves you, actually always makes
you mad, but he does not know what stupid thing
did he do, as everything he does, he thinks it is for
your own good.--agak btul jgk

3) The guy who loves you, seldom praise you , but
in his heart, you are the best, only he knows it.
--agak btul kot..ho3

4) The guy who loves you, will scold or complaint if
you didn't reply his message and others, because
he cares.--yeke..x p0n..

5) The guy who loves you , only drop his tears in
front of you, when you try to wipe his tears, you are
touching his heart , the heart which beats for you.

6) The guy who loves you , will remember every
word u said , even its accidentally. And he will
always use the words in the nick of time.
--mcm x je kn..ho3 S.T.M.L ;P

7)The guy who loves you, will not give any
promises that easily, because he doesn't want to
break the promises, he wants you to believe him
and he wants to give you the happiest and safest
life ever after.--(:

8) The guy who loves you, always tell you not to
think too much, because he already plans it for
you, he wants to give you the best life in the
future, he wants to give you a surprise, believe
that he can do it.--cam BESH jekk!~

9) The guy who loves you, maybe can't remember
special occasions like some kind of anniversary,
but , he does know that, every second he lives,
he's loving you, no matter what day is that day.
--ni x besh.. mestila ingt

10)The guy who loves you, won't say " I love you"
that easily, because everything he does for you is
showing that he loves you already, but he will only
tell the words at a special situation, because he
does not want you to misunderstand, he wants
you to know that he loves you.--x best jgk.....
biala nk ckp sejuta kali pn 1 hari..bessshhh jek dga..=)

11) The guy who really loves you, will feel that,
sometimes, some things have to be told for only
once, because he thought that u might already
understand him, if he talks too much, he will feel
that there is nothing you will cherish.--hohoho..
x fhm sbnrnye..huhu

12) The guy who loves you, will go to the airport to
fetch you, he won't carry a bunch a rose and call
you darling like what you expect but he will carry
your luggage and ask you " Why are you
becoming that thin within two days?"
with his sincere heart.--camni r CARING..huuu

13) The boy who loves you, will listen quietly to
you, when you are mad, and when you have
finished talking, he will say, You still have class
tomorrow, sleep earlier. with a smile.
--ho3 n tolong bg resp0n..huhu

14) The boy who loves you, doesn't know that
whether he should call you when you are angry,
but he will send a message to you after a few
hours, if you ask him why he calls that late, he will
say, When you are angry, my explanation are all
rubbish. But only when you calm yourself down,
my explanation will really works.--xm0la camni!~huuu

15) The boy who loves you, always call you little
girl, but every time he want to make a big decision,
he will first want to hear your advice.
--btul2..hee bru rase kepentingan n dihargai di situ..=)

16) The guy who loves you, doesn't like little toys
like teddy bears, but he will always put the bear
you give him on his bed.--yarhh..=)

17) The guy who love you, while quarreling, he will
apologize uncontrollably, although you are the one
who's wrong, and later, he will send a message to
you with " Baby, actually you know its your fault,
you know it yourself "--hehehehehehe

18) The guy who loves you, while really misses
you, he will want to buy a bunch of rose and wait
you stupidly under your apartment but he never
knew, what he bought was daisies, but that doesn't
matter, because in his heart, that's roses.--=)))

19) The guy who loves you, seldom says sweet
words, but you know, his kisses already transfer
all his passion to you.--ape kiss2 nie..bukan muhrim..ho3

20) The guy who loves you , if he can't always see
you, he will try to make himself busy, for not to
have any time to remember you, because he
knew, if he did, he will keep on missing you until
he could do nothing.--ho3 camne kalau sy yg merinduinya???

p/s: ape pndpt andA??


Shayraa said...

like like like! hehe
no.5 tu betul sbnrnya. tggu time yg sesuai. u'll witness his tears. :)
gud luck u both.. hehe

**luRv3AnN3** said...

thnnxxx dear!! gewd luck 2 u n mr ikhwan 2..h0pe can meet u guyz one fine day...heeeee =)

hafiz said... when a guy falling in loves with juliet..what bout juliet to romeo?i will wait dat post..=)

no 5 tu tepat..pernah buat dulu..ahak!
no 15 pun tepat..selalu kalau nak wat big decision, i will ask her first, even i know she is just lil girl..=)

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