Monday, November 14, 2011

Travel europe.. (:

Alhamdulillah...safely arrived 1 day before raya haji.. :)

sorry cant update much story, since im not settle wif my presentation yet..
Alhamdulillah...4 month in Germany gve me chance to travel around europe...
Ive been to 8 countries includng Germany..which are :
1) Paris
2) London,Uk
3) Prague, Czech Republic
4) Switzerland
5) Pisa,Florence,Venive, Italy
6) Brussel,Belgium
7) Amsterdam

and Germany! kat german pn sempat lawat byk tmpt! Weimar,frankfurt,stuttgart,berlin,Rothernbug.. :)

and now have to do my practical report...and log book for 4 month! gigihhhh yer ann!
masih xde m0od nk start buat ape2..:( M0od! please come to me darling! huhuhu

k.laaa c u in my next entry! :) if rajin..huhu please gve me sedikit kerajinan u ol~ huhuuhu

danke schon 4 readng! smile always! :)

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