Friday, August 19, 2011

Iftar di masjid Rohrbach.. :)

salam all..
i just came back from Robarch Mosque...heee
berbuka puase kt situ...sedappp sgt harini punye menu (picture bel0w)! Alhamdulillah.. :)

t0morr0w which is friday ktrg ade mjls International Iftar at International House (Im Neuenheimer Feld 129, Heidelberg).. we are planning to bring some cucur..heee cucur segere je punnn..cucur adabi yg dibawa dari Malaysia..and maybe some sushi dat we have learned last week...will update ab0ut it when i g0t the picture.... :)

and for dis weekend..we are planning to go to Berlin which is Capital city of german. u can see fr0m the map below:

we are from heidelberg...and berlin is quite far from HD..

Our journey will begun at 10am and we will appr0ximately arrive at 5 pm....10 hours and 45 minutes and we have to change trains~ we will b staying there until tuesday. since they are many attraction places that we have to expl0re..cant wait! heee :D

SEE u all in my next p0st! daa~ Have a nice day! Tschoss~

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Miyra Adrenalin said...

selamat berbuka pinkygurl. btw, dah follow :)

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